Sunday, April 18, 2010

How Wonderful is Nancy Redd?


I saw a breakdown in my inbox that said:

"Looking for real college-aged girls of all shapes sizes and ethnicities to be photographed for a health book for teenagers. Plus-sized and thicker Asian, South Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian and African-American girls encouraged to submit. Looking for all body types - pear apple ruler inverted triangle etc. Must be comfortable being photographed in athletic wear. This is a happy wholesome shoot with the goal of showing girls that you can look great and be healthy at all sizes."

*slow clap*

I was SO excited when I read this. Get a job? And NOT compromise the core of my ethos? So I wrote to Nancy--oh, wait, who's Nancy, you say? She is a HARVARD GRAD and a MISS AMERICA SWIMSUIT MODEL WINNER. She also wrote the book we all should have had as teenagers, "Body Drama." I am utterly enamored with her.

I wrote her back, all excited, like, "I'm an inverted triangle! And an actor! And I believe in HAES! And I look 18!"

Long story short, she signed me on, and she is FABULOUS. So sweet and outgoing and unassuming *entirely*. I was unaware of her serious clout before I read the jacket of her book.

We had the shoot...3?...weeks ago, and it was a blast. There WERE all sorts of bodies there, and they were all amazing, and everyone looked SO damn good in those pictures, in all our shapes. And the best part! By far, for me! Was that Nancy insisted that we all wear zero make-up. That's a big thing for me. I hate wearing make-up. I do when I have to, but otherwise I feel like it's a lie, and like...why should women rely on it to feel attractive? Nancy was not about that at all. It was such soul food.

We talked at length about each others' body love journeys, and I think I shared more with her than I've ever shared with ANYONE about my relationship with my body. She received a manifesto by email, and I absolutely hope she quotes me at length in her book. :)

Check her out--she's a FABULOUS ally!