Sunday, July 12, 2009

Psycho Beach Party

'Sphere! How I've missed you!

I've been running around like crazy with the new show I just opened, PSYCHO BEACH PARTY at The Theater Project (Cranford, NJ). In it, I play Berdine, the uber-geeky best friend (and closet ninja) of the show.

I wanted to blog about it not only because it's an INCREDIBLE show that I really, really want all you NJ- and NY-ers to see, but also because it hits on a blip that I covered in my interview back in April (and that we always cover) the 'best friends' and 'geeks' of movies, plays, etc., always being done by the fats instead of the un-fats.

Berdine is ridiculously geeky and pathetically sun-phobic (uh oh, we're hitting a little too close to home here). However, what I have blessedly noticed over the past opening weekend is that she's also the audience favorite, and I've been described as playing her with "charm and gumption."

Berdine ends up having loads of humor that's more situational than self-deprecating, and even though she's the best friend, she's also delightful and stands with pride and dignity in her own right.

Of course, all this pathos isn't necessary for this 1960s parody of "Gidget"--it's just plain fun! For anyone who's local, please see if you can make this show. It's a splash!

<3 Z.

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