Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm Soooo Bad at this Game.

Oooooof *course* I haven't written since July.

Let's play some catch-up, shall we? First of all:

-I had a GREAT time at my initial auditions for "Fat Camp", and was called back...twice? It was loads of fun and, though I didn't book it, it ended up with freaking Carly Jibson (read: ex-Broadway Tracy from "Hairspray" and Pepper from "Cry Baby") and Josh from "Electric Company"! See the successes of "Fat Camp" HERE--and yes, I am super-hoping to do that show in the future. ;)

-Not sure if I mentioned this eons ago, but I just finished a show playing Kate Smith! She was before MY time (dating myself, here), but I'm sure some of you grown-ups are old enough to at least have your parents or grandparents play her records and watch her shows. What was nice about it was that there was some great 1930s F.A. going on with that gal--and, though most people don't know it, she was never a dieter and never tried to alter herself. Oh, she was tremendously self-conscious and ashamed of her body. But she tried to deal with it and just be who she was and OWN it. I think we can all agree that she did pretty well for herself. :)

So, "Kate" just closed after 2 months, and during that time I also had some pretty fun auditions.

The time is coming, y'all, when there WILL be fat protagonists. Like, not as a hideously weird exception. I can't tell you how many more breakdowns and submissions I'm seeing asking for fat chicks who, yes, sometimes are, but aren't necessarily ALWAYS the butt of the jokes. And I'm totally cool with incorporating the fat-shame of society into stories with fabulous characters who happen to be fat.

*off soapbox*

Seperately, normal(ish) new blog here.

Not so long 'til next time. ;)

<3 Z.

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