Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just when you think it's hit the top...

...what with all this horrendous Olympics bullshit, the comparison between the S.I. covers (which was nauseating), and just TV/film/magazines in general...they STILL manage to come up with this crapola:

Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2008, 3:37 PM Pacific

Casting Director: DJ FeldmanInterview Dates: Dallas (9/2 - 9/8), NY and LA ongoing Shoot/Start Date: TBD Pay Rate: There is pay -- rate TBD Location: Los Angeles


NOTE: ALSO INCLUDE PERFORMANCE VIDEOS OR ACTOR SLATES IF AVAILABLE. DO NOT SEND DEMO TAPES.The producers of 30 Days and Flip That House, along with a Major Network, are searching the country for HOLLYWOOD'S NEXT IT GIRL in Reality Television.

[ "IT GIRLS" ]Seeking: Beautiful, outgoing, social savvy women between 21-32 years old who are exceptionally attractive and have BIG personalities. - Are you a very attractive and ultra confident woman? - Have you always gotten what you want because of your great looks? - Do you always get your way? - Do you need to be the center of attention? - Are you proud of being a tough Bitch? If you are any or ALL of the above, then we want to meet you!This is the opportunity of a lifetime to become HOLLYWOOD’S NEXT IT GIRL. 8 contestants will showcase their looks and personalities to compete for a HUGE cash prize. To be considered, submit the following information - Name - Age - Contact Number(s) - Recent Photos (One can be Headshot and Non Headshot) - Why you think you have what it takes to be Hollywood’s Next It Girl.


You know what does make me happy, though? My agent that I freelance with just got me a job NOT based on my body. It's the first time they've done that. The auditions and jobs they've gotten me for in the past are all really good, well-paying projects--but they've *always* been about my size. This is the FIRST role I've been submitted for based on my skills, mainly comedic. :) The downside? (Oh, and there is one...)

There is a fat character, a black girl, named Mercedes. Of the couple of lines that I saw she had, one of them involved a skinny, nerdy Indian boy bringing her "stacks of treats and sodas." Her line to him?

"Next time, don't even bother asking--I like EVERYTHING supersized!"

Now, it does intimate that she's got a thing for the Indian kid, so heh-heh-lemme-see-your-dingdong, but.....c'mon, people. Is it really down to jokes this stupid?

Step by step...right?


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