Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Teh Fattiez: +1

Good news!

One of my FAVORITE career bloggers, the casting director Bonnie Gillespie, writes a column called "The Actor's Voice." She posts every Monday and it's a blog that I read religiously.

She has touched on body image only a few times, and is very honest and open about there being roles for EVERY type--and there are some major types who can be/are frequently cast as being fat. Her advice (which is 100% on the money) is to KNOW your type and GO for it 3000%!

This said...she will still get e-mails, usually from "green" actors (read: inexperienced) who ask her, "Should I lose weight to do movies and TV? Don't I have to be skinny to be on TV?"

This is the first column I've read which expressly addresses just that, and she does it beautifully--putting in a lot of info that's sympatico with body image, fat acceptance and HAES. I am so happy! Read her glory HERE.

I e-mailed her my congratulations:

"Dear Bonnie,

THANK YOU for your fantastic column on size and body image in the entertainment industry. As a fat actress, I know how it feels when people look at me dubiously when I say I'm an actor--what, do they think everyone is supposed to be a starlet? I also know how scary and internalized it is for people of size--and it's so important for people to understand that acting is not equivalent to thinness. Thank you for your insight--I am sure you will positively affect MANY of your readers!

Juicy Acting!"

She replied:

"Thanks, Jen. :) It was a fun column for me. I'm glad you enjoyed ittoo. Being comfortable in your skin is really all that matters, whenit comes down to it, right? :)
Keep rockin'!"

Nice to have another ace up our sleeve, eh? ;-)


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