Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Less than an hour ago, we were told that Barack Obama was officially the newest president of the US.

I did not enjoy Obama through the primaries...I thought he was pompous and short and unkind. I felt that Hillary played the primaries VERY well and I wanted her to win by leaps and bounds over him.

When he won, I was definitely not pleased, and I was certainly on the fence right on through the conventions. Like most of us, once McCain chose Palin, that was really the beginning of my big doubt for McCain. As Obama moved forward with the campaign, I saw him making smart, wise choices; I heard him making deep and well-crafted plans for our nation. I was growing a respect for a man who was becoming increasingly likeable, and definitely more viable in my eyes (and sadly for McCain, his ship has been sinking for months...).

When Obama was named 44th President tonight, I finally got what I had so badly desired 4 years ago when I PRAYED for a Kerry victory. I feel proud, glowing, happy and--most of all--HOPEFUL.

I certainly pray that Obama will turn us around and take us into the dreams he's introduced us to. But for now, I am reveling in my Hope. :)

All you Chicago lovelies, I hope you are proud of your landsman!


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