Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Booty-Grindin' Music Videos: An Improvement!

Hello FOS! I'm sorry I've been remiss. I haven't had a whole lot to write about lately. Most of what's been on my mind is undoubtedly been on everyone's mind--the election, and preparing for (what I have a hunch will be) a significant depression. The good news is that for us starving actors, our biz is booming when the rest of society's hurting. I'm not worried too much about getting work...just how I'll get by *until* I get work.

That said! I just booked a fun gig last week; my first music video. It was a pretty fun job! Considering that friends of mine have had horror stories from working on rappers' videos like 50Cent and Chingy, I was relieved to be working with the Jason Mraz of the UK, Julian Velard.

What was SUPERCOOL about this was that the premise of the video was that these women couldn't help stopping to kiss him on the street. And I as one of those women, a 'Kisser.' I was so...DELIGHTED to see that ALL the actresses were either NOT 'TV-thin' or NOT 'media-Hot.' And, of course, everyone there was lovely and beautiful (in actual real world life), and there were even a big handful of fat and chubby gals! I thought it was really, really excellent that this guy (or even his manager, I really don't care who) was choosing actual normal-looking women to court him in his video.

And his music's pretty swell, too! ;)


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Lindley said...

Aww! That sounds totally adorable. I'm all excited to see it now.