Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weighty Issues in Entertainment

The universe is desperately trying to balance out the RIDONK sexist barrage of news re: Sarah Palin (in every single, anti-her, etc.), which has made me vomitous all week. I have way too much vaytik over what will be going down over the next 2 months!

Anyway! The balance is this: As per my last post, questions of weight and its role in casting are beginning to surface in the acting world. This doesn't seem to be addressed by fatties, but by middlies (in the acting world, anyway)--size 6 and 8. Bonnie Gillespie gave a GREAT feedback last week, and this week, Backstage's columnist Jackie Apodaca writes more about it: Matters of Size.

It's not shielding--it's blunt and direct, and gives a pretty sad (but truthful) look at the standards. And, while it's true that there's *not* many roles for fat chicks, when they're around, I'm a true contender. But for all the skinny roles? I'm sorry, but 6 is apparently not skinny enough.

In other good news? I'm watching "House" for the first time in my life, and it just happens to be the Season 1 episode, "Heavy," which is ALL about mis-diagnosing fat people because, um, well, they're fat. It's not perfect, but it DOES have the message that we send of: HEALTH PROBLEMS ARE NOT EQUAL TO FAT PROBLEMS! *and* it has some nice FA-stuffs thrown in by a fat patient, who is quite comfortable with her body, thankyouverymuch. And she shuts House up when he tries to make fat jokes! p0wnd.

Little vittles for y'all. :)



Lisa said...

I watched that episode too!

isabel said...

Ha, I sort of hated that episode on the one hand because it disrupted my Chase-crush by reminding me what an ass he is (the Chase-crush returned and continues unabated to this day). But you are right that it was really good that they wound up misdiagnosing the patient because we wouldn't have an episode of that show without forty wrong diagnoses... erm, I mean, misdiagnosing the patient because of assumptions about fat.

The Zaftig Thespian said...

Chase is an ASSHAT. Isn't it terrible that he's hot, in a 1993-Carey-Elwes way?