Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jenny, Don't Change that Number!

My darling and future co-queen Jennifer Jonassen has not one, but *2* new fabulous articles in Plus Model Magazine.

The FOS had been buzzing a while about Carson Kressley's new Lifetime series, "How To Look Good Naked," and there was some super-positivity and some meh-ness across the board. I myself waffle, and am simultaneously "YAY body-love!" and "No! Makeover!". However, in this latest issue, Queen Jen interviews him, and I think it's really lovely that, no matter how you feel about him, he's true to the idea of body love. Read that magnificence HERE.

ALSO, for those of us who are play-happy, you may be familiar with Niel LaBute's play a few years ago, "Fat Pig." GREAT, GREAT story, and one of the only ones that creates a likeable, smart, funny and fat romantic lead character. The problem is that the man who falls in love with her has also fallen prey to his asshole friends. It's so intimate, and such a beautiful love story--while my broke ass couldn't see it when it was in NY, perhaps you Californians could be lucky enough to catch this dish in San Diego.

Weekend goodies!



Bree said...

My friend, Liliane Klein, played the fat romantic lead in Fat Pig in Boston to rave reviews. Maybe some of you caught her there. (I couldn't make it from NYC.)

devi42 said...

*sigh* I've been wanting to see "Fat Pig" since reading about it when it premiered.

I suspect the only way I'll see it is if it gets optioned and produced as a film - and lord knows what the result of that would be.

spacedcowgirl said...

That play sounds really interesting--I hadn't heard of it before. I made the mistake, however, of reading the New York Magazine review that one of those photos came from--what an asshole. I wish I could sit around and get paid to write bewildering fatphobic "snark" and confess that I find it "hard to watch" bedroom and beach scenes containing women whom I'm not sexually attracted to. It would have been nice to see an actual review of the play rather than a whine about the fact that fat women exist. He remarks that the author or actors somehow failed to sell the attraction between the leads, which may well be true, but he can't figure out why Tom might be attracted to Helen if he's not a "fatty lover" (gee, maybe attraction varies from person to person and relationship to relationship? And different people have different things, of which appearance matters to a varying degree depending on the person, that attract them to others?) so somehow I think the inability to understand the relationship might be a teeny bit related to his own issues.

Anyway, you know what I find "hard to watch" in modern entertainment? Violence and sadism. Not portrayals of relationships that I admit are fairly well written but which I don't personally "get."

spacedcowgirl said...

Sorry. I'm not at all mad at you, of course, just ranting about that review.

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Jennifer said...

Hey Girl! I love reading your blog! That is so awesome about the music video! You ROCK! Next time you get a juicy role, please email me and we will do an interview for Plus Model Mag...

XO Jennifer Jonassen