Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And a Noble Try it is!

My partner is also a fat actor. He is the most delightful man on the planet and I could not be more proud to have such a mensch by my side. He has written several monologues about being a fat woman under the guise of me, and, bless his heart...he has penned yet another:

"Callin' All Fat Bitches,

Now I know the last two words are taboo in society but I'm here to fight for these words and the true representation of their meaning. I am Fat there is nothing wrong with me I am content the mere reasoning that someone else has a problem with who I am is Nazism. And they can go fuck themselves obviously they aren't content enough with themselves and feel the need to extend their self hatred to others. My only other suggestion to them besides the afore mentioned is to open their veins and take a warm bath. Now for the second word, Bitches, this an interesting word for any of you etymologists out there because it has been used by a variety of different people mainly to denigrate those of my gender merely, there I go using that word again, because we women have stood up for something that wasn't popular. Well now I'm calling you all to stand up and use the title with pride because you are fighting for something that questions those in charge. Stand up and be noticed trumpet our cause from every mountain top. If they want to label us then let that label be our fight song for soon they will realize we are great in number and not just in size and we will be herd!

In Omnibus Corpulent,

Your Fat Bitch Queen"

He's learning! :-D And quite possibly deserves a Baby-favored Donut Tee-shirt.


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vesta44 said...

Totally awesome, and I've been calling myself a fat bitch for years (mainly as a warning to employers and fellow employees that I won't be stepped on and I'm not their doormat). I see absolutely nothing wrong with the term, it's an accurate description of me :)