Tuesday, June 3, 2008

'Shameless Chowhound'

Like the Shameless Chowhound that I am...I rocked today!

I've been temping for a while, so I giddily flew out of the office at 10:30 this morning, positively BEAMING, having spent far too much time deciding what I should wear for this. Thus is the problem of looking 15--how do I dress like a 15-year-old while still showing professionalism?

The casting director was made of sunshine. No joke. She was so incredibly sweet, patient, and gave direction--which is always a big 'plus' in the actor's book. She was also notably fat-friendly, which I was very pleased with! She was discussing the character and the other BBW in the script, and how they're appreciated for their beautiful curves. Hmm, I thought. This is going far too well.

Luckily, that's where it ended! There was no 'oh crap' moment. She had me read ALL the scenes, several times, gave me lots of direction, looked really happy when I'd nailed it, and asked me lots of questions. If it wouldn't be too stalker-y of me, I'd send her a flippin' fruit basket.

As a predominantly theatre actor, if I get this job....it will be a ridiculously amazing leap for me.



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