Monday, June 2, 2008

Fat Acting in a Thin World

First Post! This is the one everyone sweats over, since it's your first impression on the community. I'm a total over-analyzing worrier, so I'll just lay it all out for ya.

I've been a lurking member of the Fat Acceptance community (The Fatosphere) for quite some time now. I've gone by different names and posted a few times, always reading, never contributing, always wondering--well, what on earth could I contribute that would be worthwhile? After the fat-bulous Joy Nash (also an actress) utilized YouTube for her legendary "Fat Rant," what would be my step? Joy has used "Fat Rant" as not only an entryway for her talent, but also for her socio-political message. What if, I thought, I used my career as not only monitor for fat issues in the entertainment industry, but (hopefully) as a beacon someday to be a voice for FA in the public eye?

After seeing red when I discovered that MTV was creating a 'modelizing' show for fat girls (which centered on weight loss--"anywhere from 30-100 lbs.!"), it became pretty clear what I needed to do.

I'm proud to be a newly productive member of FA, and I hope this not only keeps the Fatosphere abreast of fat news in entertainment, but also gives a much needed support to fat actors and actresses everywhere.


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