Saturday, July 26, 2008

ONE OF US! ONE OF US! (heeheeheeheehee)

Through a brilliant and wonderful career counselor that I am starting to work with (the quirky and lovely Erin Cronican with The Actors Enterprise), I am going through her blog's archives to catch up on all her news. I just found this from her October 2007: "Discrimination against plus-size actors."


It links to the glorious Jennifer Jonassen, who blogs at Plus Model Magazine, and this post. This makes me super-duper happy and excited, because she can now be another link in the chain of me, Joy, Marina and COUNTLESS other ridiculously talented fat women who deserve and DEMAND parts that defy the "shameless chowhound" role that we all get stuck in time and time again.

(Note: It might well be said that there are definitely better roles for fat character actresses as we age--and I very-much look forward to playing them when I'm older--but for now? Give me Juliet!!)

Jennifer offers a first post (very similar to my own) HERE, and I too will continue to follow her stuffs. I'm gonna post to her and try to establish a relationship; see how we can sort of be bi-coastal representatives, ya know?

Check her out--I know I will! (Maybe we can even wrangle her into the FOS ;-) )


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