Saturday, July 26, 2008


Oh, come the funk on! If nothing else BLATANTLY says that being fat and healthy is a paradox..! (Or that thinness is equivalent to health.)

Important: I have been nothing but impressed and, frankly, very moved with all the stuff you other Fatosphere bloggers write. Whether or not it's particularly FA all the time, I believe a good portion of you are aspiring or working writers, and that's very exciting to me! I am under the most likely self-imposed belief that I DO NOT creative write and that I'm terrible. I don't think it's actually true, but rather that I've mentally locked myself into "I-haven't-done-that-since-I-was-10" mode.

Where is this going. Right.

Where this is GOING is: I am getting more and more convinced that I need to start either writing my own work or to workshop with others. If any of you are or have ever wanted to write work that was to be performed, I AM SUPER INTERESTED! Think "Fat Rant"-ish, or even something not so much an anthem as an FA-related performance. It could even be about beans! But most importantly, I'd love for my work to come from the soul of a fat woman. Not a thin man or woman or people who idolize those bodies; someone from skin like my own.

AND AND AND: My creativity has been in hyperdrive, and I've thought up some SUPER neat ideas. Which I would love to share with potential participants. :)



Kimi said...

Holy wow! Hi, let me introduce me. I'm known by the handle Sugar here online. And I might just take you up on this. It sounds like an absolute blast. I've written poetry, short stories, and worked on novels (still trying to finish several), but never really done any serious work with scripts. I've long wanted to try it out, but it's not much fun to write with nobody interested in acting or even voicing it.

I'm fairly new to FA and only been reading your blog for a couple weeks now, but I'm diggin' all over it. My blog is brand spanking new, but if you wanted to take a look and get an idea of the kind of stuff I blather about when I get to blathering, you can look up sugar_for_sugar on LiveJournal. My "recreational" writing is a lot more silly, and I've been known to delve into several genres, so what's there is by no means all I can do, but it might give you a taste.

I'm gonna give it a think, because I don't want to start if I am going to be biting off more than I can chew and thus disappointing someone or someones if I can't finish in a timely way. But if you're still interested, let me know! We could at least exchange a word or two about it.

The Zaftig Thespian said...

Hi Kimi!! I tried looking for your LJ but it was coming up a bust. I am so excited that you're interested! The best part is? I am SO not requiring that you (or anyone!) have long pieces; anything like that. It COULD be a scene or play or full-out-script; could just be a poem, monologue. It's so open-ended. Feel free to e-mail me anything you want if you're feeling up to it. :)

What I'm toying with is probably (especially for solo works) making a Youtube channel and posting those, and perhaps--with bigger works requiring more people--maybe even a production. It's all so flexible. In the event that the latter might come up, I might even try working with Marina. Who knows?! The possibilities are endless, and the more I live this life, the more I'm learning: You've gotta make your own opportunities and march to your own drum. SELAH!

<3 Z

Andee J. said...

I'd be happy to talk to you about writing or cowriting a piece for you to perform. If you're interested, let me know what you'd be most interested in doing. (I even wrote a song about the Venus of Willendorf last year and recorded it; I don't know if you sing at all, but I'll forward you a copy or link if you'd like.)

Andee (Meowser)

The Zaftig Thespian said...

Meowser! That would ROCK! I *do* sing; I'd love to be able to hear your song. Go ahead and e-mail me any writing ideas you might want to work on, and I'll let you know of my grand plan!

<3 Z

nuckingfutz said...

TZT, if Kimi is the same sugar I know, her LJ is sugar_for_sugar. :)